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Does the Instinct will be the new « intelligence » of consumers in consumer trends of 2011?

Instinctivity is the new « intelligence »…


After being kicked around during the crisis, the new order of the 21st century starts now.

In communication, instinctivity invites us to…

Reinstate the fundamentals of man (woman).

Feel things more than understand them (the truth is manipulated and complex).

Take back his freedom and develop independence and abilities.

Live in harmony with nature (the mother of all truths)… and sustainable development.


Instinctive products

Bring animal spontaneity back to life

Help people express themselves and communicate with ones senses

Bring Robinson Crusoe solutions to the 21st century (alone on an uninhabited island)

Assert the identity of our origins or the identity that we project

Free and genuine like an animal

Write slanted…it’s more natural! :  Slant-ruled notebook /Matt Brown

The « raw » meat to be chewed:


Boundless delicacies to be shared or for your own pleasure

Sensation Chocolat Cosmetics

Clever comfort solutions for less

The crisis and cataclysm of Haiti re-launched the idea of container-flats:             

Modular products: unique-established-sons Mass production of simple irregular elements

allowing numerous variations

Integrated functions to make more room or give independence

Designed by Harsha Vardhan from New Delhi, India an  Alernative Clothes Cleaner is a conceptual washing

machine  which doubles up as a large seat

Solar Portable Lantern by Philips: or The POP from LG with a solar cell:

What you can make yourself or “like thrown together at home with ‘almost nothing’’

Furnitures and home décor:  Crate serie 8 / Jasper Morisson

Best Before is a new brand of objects made by hand from salt, paper and will soon include felt

Homemade food: Kenwood Panini Grill at or Ad Hoc Fried Chicken Kit                                                                                               

“Primordial” tools

Samurai Sword Chopsticks Pay tribute to Real-Life Samurais


Assert your identity and deliver your message

Tattoos and body decoration

 Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art

Reconnect with our origins

Fashion inspired by the past:

Stone Cold Ice Cube tray


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