The domino effect of mobility on product innovation is one of consumer trends to integrate in 2011

The domino effect of mobility on the daily product innovation.


 New species of products come and dress as ordinary becomes a communication equipment,, it plays music (Tshirt with headsets), alert (cap wifii detects), treats, give drink …

The GPS involves a proliferation of services and products to search services to seek, find, discover oneself, monitor one’s entourage.

The experience of products of the mobility modifies habits, expectations, vision.

The signs of the mobility become criteria of the modernity and the customization which increases the desirabilty of the product (design, technology, nomadism). 

To reposition a product on the mobility

(or in the ergonomics of the mobility)

can provide a competitive advantage.

 For example, convenience for all forms of travel,trips and professional activities:

Luggage that can be converted into tables, seats, pillows

Luggage with “a glove box », integrated Led light.

Bad weather clothing that can be converted into shelter with easy access to common objects.

Household micro-equipment for the room and for travel: washing, drying, cooking, cooling, air-conditioning….

All-purpose soap/cream: washing the body, teeth, hair, skin care, sunscreen.

Flat filtered water bottles to hang on jeans.

Mini meals: traditional recipes dense with fruits, vegetables, meat…attractive, coloured, tasty and healthy.

 Innovation will develop new features on the means of mobility created every day.


Still more accessories around the wifi, the mobile telephone, notebook, game consoles.

Purchase slimming product with right to personalised online coaching.

“Appresso” machine

Mobility has made the convergence of functions and


The electrical vibrating toothbrush or mascara


Connect functions and technologies linked to a


 Light bulb with smoke alarm,

Lawn mover that cuts grass in the summer,

sucks up leaves in the winter.

Solar energy conversion kits.


Body-changing products could be the culmination of portability and mobility!

Microsoft’s Flesh Touchology, sort of “integrated remote control” announces monitoring possibilities, medical treatments, cosmetics of the future. 

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