How to restart the buying impulse? The marketing trends to follow in 2011…

How advertising tries to restart the buying impulse?

One crisis to another, solutions little changed!

– Be yourself and do what you want now …have fun!
The announced return of « egos »: the ego-casting, self-expression.
Will they make their return after two years of community diktat?
Yes, but in respect for others: the predator, the excess for excess
will not score.
But Mercedes tries the big show!

– Dream, escape but in the head.

° The luxury makes bubbles, soap bubbles, pearls, bubbles-balls:  
bubbles, it is the emotion innocent of the childhood : the child’s desire

cannot be guilty!

° As good old times! The escape in novels or films that have marked our

After 2001, we saw the comeback of vintage. Nostalgia is always a strong

lever in difficult times.

At the luxury of taking the risk of giving the signal to return to the futility,

but in the core market, it is still prudent to support the desirability of strong

promises of usefulness, reassurances and guarantees product.
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