Consumer trends for 2011: Green innovation is the “2nd chance” for the brand if connected to a new personal benefit

Innovation: the ecology offers to the brand its  » 2nd chance « .



Sustainable development reflects a new generation of products. An opportunity for innovation that gives the brand a second chance

We want to underline three ways of search:

– Conceptual transformation of product

The opportunity to alter categories and re-segment the market to its advantage.
For example:
The cooled bed as ecological alternative to air conditioning
The printer which uses tea instead of ink!


Conceptual transformation offers the consumer a new experience:
The Zoe ZE Renault, electric alternative to the Smart, with more elegance, comfort, protection and style.

– Aesthetic transformation of product

Tomorrow’s winners – for modest everyday products like large architectural projects– will be those to have reinvented the object and not only « a solar cell to replace the battery. »
With ecology, design meets its legitimacy: to serve a function.

– Mutation of product’s business model

The new LED Philips bulbs will cost 20 times the price of an incandescent bulb but will last 25 times longer.
Nissan will sell the electric Leaf at the price of an ordinary car and shall furthermore rent the battery.
Kiehl’s, Bata, VW (Golf) “buys back” used products when client purchasing a new product.

Where are new product ideas?
The commercial success of an environmentally-friendly product is almost always linked to a personal benefit:  the satisfaction of acting eco-conscious comes as a bonus. A decline in quality or use “justified” by ecological adaptation will be rejected.

Product ideas are endless, but think of integrating ecology with,

– Its proximity values.
For example,
Everything related to health, well being including relaxation.
Everything related to returning to the basics, to origins, to nature, to what is local.
Everything that is reassuring, gives mastery and control, averts risks.
Everything that saves resources and reduces the bill.
Everything that re-humanises and re-socialises relationships.

– A new experience,
that makes dream, adds value, surprises etc
Ecology and hyper technology, a smashing cocktail
Ecology and femininity: motherhood, sensuality, fashion, beauty etc.
Ecology and travel in the mind or in reality, including the local milieu, communities…

By comparing proximity values and new experiences, many new product ideas will see the light of day.

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