How to restart the buying impulse?

How to restart the buying impulse?

The report:

The impulse buying particularly suffered limitations that that are needed and new buying habits.

It is the ‘Delta’ which makes the difference between a healthy or apathetic economy.

Then it will be necessary to boost it. But how?

Some levers currently used:
– Innovation event.
Underlined by trendwatchers (for example read new species  on, it has for emblem the success of the iPad and the media event built around this one.

-The product of circumstance.
It is timely and he understood what they were waiting: optimism, pleasure, service and march forward. Minimalism, the restrictions, no …. to all, it’s past.
For example, these small squares of fruits cheap (N.A!) which replace advantageously – by the taste and the health – the traditional snack bars, or products surprising but accessible as the Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld, these designer’s plastic shoes or the notebooks decorated from Sony.

– The product of sustainable development … when it brings a personal profit!

The hybrid or electric car is the first new driving experience that can be known from the inception of the automobile. The success of the Toyota Prius is to to be meditated on its foundations.

– The emotion
Communication gurus see the response in emotion.

« Be yourself and do what you want now …have fun!”

The announced return of « egos »: the ego-casting, self-expression  ( “I hate, I love” by Comptoir des Cotonniers, Diesel Campaign Be Stupid..) will they make their return after two years of community diktat?
Yes, but in respect for others: the predator, the excess for excess will not score.

« Dream, escape but in the head ».

° The luxury makes bubbles, soap bubbles (Melissa- Vivienne Westwood), pearls (Colorsensationnal  Pearl by Maybelline) , bubbles-balls (Champagne Mumm): bubbles, it is the emotion innocent of the childhood : the child’s desire cannot be guilty!

° Good old times! The escape in novels (Hermès fairytale) or in films that have marked our

childhood (Dolce & Gabbana).
After 2001, we saw the comeback of vintage. Nostalgia is always a strong lever in difficult times.

At the luxury of taking the risk of giving the signal to return to the futility, but in the core market, it is still prudent to support the desirability of strong promises of usefulness, reassurances and guarantees product.
The recent communications of the automobile set the tone. « Fun without breaking the bank »   » of Mazda MX5, the « Pleasure but not guilty » and « The capacity of excitemen «  from the class E Mercedes remain very cautious (too much?).

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