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July 2010 consumer trends review inspiring new product ideas


The domino effect of mobility and ecology

on product transformation, their functions and r

Consumer trends alerts and consumer trends apps inspiring
new product ideas.

Trend review New Species relies on the values of the following consumer trends:

The evolution of products and new product ideas are influenced by the

culture of mobility and the environment.
Two rapidly growing trends which,
in a domino effect, carry the product linked to mobility

 in a form of “transformation of species” in the entire consumption chain.
A historic opportunity: new product ideas – more than just work on

the brand or advert – seem to condition the prospects of success.


Some signs and examples

Consumer trends app.

The functional equipment of the man on the street is developed

on the model of emergency service professionals, the police, and soldiers.

A search for autonomy, immediate reactivity, portability for control,

 power and the rapidity of its actions, but also an image and status lift!

The “genetic evolution” of the T-shirt, cap, tie, jeans becoming connecting.
Clothing that alerts, treats, offers drinks.


Music and Sons :
T-shirts that allow listening to portable music.
Embedded pocket and plug socket to store an iPod and a set of earphones.



Applications to seek, find, discover oneself, monitor one’s entourage.








 Google Latitude
lets you see your friends on a map.
Get it on your phone or your computer

A fashion theme, modernity aesthetics for beauty, decoration.

Fluid Forms  allows customers to create earrings based on maps  

Street Earrings.   Using the online tool, customers select a city

and a design for a pair of earrings based on the Google Maps image of

the area is automatically

                     Flexify 2, a design tool to customize globes.

   A Photoshop plug-in that enables designers      

      to create online a cut-out



Where are the new ideas thought up?


Consumer trends app.

Still more accessories around the wifi,

the mobile telephone, notebook, game consoles.

Diffusing video recordings on YouTube                                                                                                                                   

   by simply pressing a button                                   Monitored via IPhone



Consumer trends app.

Convenience for all forms of travel, trips

and professional activities:

Why not…
Luggage that can be converted into tables, seats, pillows
Luggage with “a glove box », integrated Led light?
Bad weather clothing that can be converted into shelter with easy
access to common objects?
Household micro-equipment for the room and for travel: washing, drying, cooking, air-conditioning?
All-purpose soap/cream: washing the body, teeth, hair, skin care, sunscreen?
Flat filtered water bottles to hang on jeans?
Mini meals: traditional recipes dense with fruits, vegetables, meat…attractive, coloured, tasty and healthy?


Make existing products more “connecting”

From connection (communication) to convergence

(technologies, with services, functions…)



Consumer trends app.

Connect functions and technologies

linked to a situation:

Why not…
Light bulb with smoke alarm?
Lawn mover that cuts grass in the summer, sucks up leaves in the winter?
Solar energy conversion kit?


“Appresso” machine
at Yanko Design that makes coffee and plays music.
By Designer In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song for Metatrend Institute.






Consumer trends app.

Connecting products with services.


Why not…  Purchase slimming product with right to personalized online coaching?                                      

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